Our signature Johnny shirt, a tribute to the late Gianni Versace in the shape and volume of the shirt is back in new colors for AW '21. The new Moss color is made with Natural Indigo and Mango dye (fruits and leaves of mango) hand-dyed in Sakon Nakhon. The volume of the shirt is completed with our signature Peter Pan collar and a single pleat through the back that creates a billowing and oversized drape. 

Each shirt is unique with hand-dyeing and the nature of the dye itself offering variations within each shirt whilst keeping the Moss color. 

*SHIPS OCTOBER 1st 2021*

Material: 100% Cotton, Seashell buttons. 100% Natural dyes - Pradu, Fang and Lac

Handmade in Thailand 

Care Instructions: Machine wash on cold setting, tumble dry low or hang to dry. Iron on low. 

  • $ 320.00 USD