Founded in 2019 on our rooftop in Bushwick and in Bangkok, pH.lab focuses on experimentation with natural plant-derived dyes and plant-derived products from the Isan region. The main focus of the lab is experimentation with indigo and other natural dyes found from indigenous plants of the region to discover new ways to dye and ignite new conversations from age-old knowledge.
The last few years we embarked upon a journey of discovery in Isan all the whilst dreaming of what the world we could build would look like. It always had learning, collaboration and sharing at its core - Sakon Nakhon Indigo was the starting pointAlong the way we also stumbled upon other traditional knowledge and techniques that we love and part of our mission is to explore and include these in what we do, that's next. Learning from the past, looking to the future and merging it with current innovations to make clothes fit for the demands of our lives today, all the whilst bringing stories from our community and culture to the forefront is the pH.lab mission. 
pH.lab Video Episodes 
In this IGTV video series, Philip Huang experiments with indigo and other natural dyes, sharing traditional knowledge, techniques and processes.