We create clothing that merges traditional know-how and knowledge that has been passed on for generations with the expectations and aesthetics of contemporary life.


We work with natural dyes derived from indigo, tree bark, leaves and lac (tree mites that live in trees) working with what is in season and learning from villagers who are the keepers of this knowledge.


We work with and learn from artisans - grandmas, aunties and first generation of artisans in villages in the Northeast of Thailand. They are the keepers of traditional and indigenous knowledge and it is our mission to pass on the knowledge that has been taught to us so that it can spread beyond their villages creating an alternative source of income and the knowledge is preserved for next generations.


We endeavour to create a sustainable platform and learning centre so that this knowledge can be better recorded, and techniques can be safeguarded and evolved.


We work with natural and hand-made fibers that are drawn from the land, it is a local and collaborative process with the villagers. These small batch textiles are combined with fibres and details of the highest quality that are sourced from around the world, combining know-how that creates innovation and things people had not seen before.


We experiment, finding new ways to see traditional methods and in turn creating new methods that combine the old and new, always looking to the future and asking what we need, what can we do better.


The knowledge and resources that we draw from leads us directly back to the land, we aspire to work with nature, finding a harmony, understanding that the most advanced textiles (and technology) mimic what is found in nature.


We believe in the power of plants to be able to heal and to offer us protection, we also believe in working with plants and nature to create the best possible products that we can offer, all the whilst understanding what our daily needs and desires are.


We make clothes, homeware and beauty products that we want to wear and use ourselves, that our family and our friends want to use that has the least impact possible on what is around us.


We live in the city and dream in the countryside – be it farm-land or remote island, our clothes remade for all these scenarios. For everyone.


We support our friends, artists and cultural activists worldwide.


We believe in collaboration and building a community of like-minded people, to create stories and to make things together.