Our Lucky Tiger T-shirts are silk-screened by hand with nontoxic water-based ink. Each layer is a different color but the tiger's fur is the color of the t-shirt, in this case, Camouflage Indigo Tie-dye, made from natural Sakon Nakhon Indigo. 

About the t-shirt

Our Lucky Tiger Dune Crew Neck T-shirt is made with sustainably sourced natural fabrics and dyes. It has an extremely breathable feel and a relaxed draped fit.

Made by hand with 100% natural organic cotton and dyes from sustainable sources with no pesticide, herbicide, bleach, or whitening agents, and GMO-Free.

Our Dune variant is hand-dyed in Sakon Nakhon with Natural Red Earth by our Indigo Grandmas. Every item is uniquely and individually crafted, slight variations in color may occur in the dyeing process.

About Dune

Dune is a rare earth mineral mud dye. The weight of the dye is generally heavier than other dyes and pulls the fabric during the drying process. It will return to its natural state after a couple of washes.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

Care Instructions: Machine wash on a cold setting, tumble dry low, or hang to dry. Iron on low. Our cotton fabric has been pre-shrunk so no shrinkage is expected if care instructions are followed.

  • $ 99.00 USD