A sock a day from Monday to Friday to remind you that even though you are at home the days are still passing by. Keep it anti-bacterial with natural dyed indigo* - cozy while lounging, fresh for that ZOOM HIIT class and ready for that quick run to the supermarket ... *natural indigo has inherent... View Post

    Into the third week of COVID-19 quarantine in Bangkok, we find ourselves having time on our hands. Time always seemed like a luxury in a world that spun so fast. Today, at home, we have time to spend with our family, experiment in our lab, write more, read more, watch more films, listen to more ... View Post

    The indigo plant is a natural born-traveller, its flowering pods pop and the seeds are carried to new places (humans are also responsible for its spread); of the 200 or so species that exist in the world, all can trace their ancestry back to Africa. The one that we use is Indigofera Tinctoria fo... View Post

    The Bowman Ikat Jumpsuit is made from 4 meters of hand-dyed handwoven indigo Ikat made by our Indigo Grandmas in Sakon Nakhon. Traditionally worn by officials for special occasions, we used the 4 meters of fabric for a jumpsuit, fit for all occasions, even riding a bike at night with its reflecti... View Post
  • CNY

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year has always been about family for me. My parents came to NYC in the 70s from Taiwan; my siblings and I are first generation Americans. We still have strong roots in Taiwan and also in Thailand where some of my aunts and uncles settled decades ago. To celebrate the ... View Post

    Humans have harnessed the power of plants for millenia, foraging plants with magical healing properties (or the opposite) from the jungles, forests, deserts, and oceans they inhabit. Once upon a time, we all had this power. Worldwide, there are still communities that have ancient knowledge that t... View Post

    In Isan, our Indigo Grandmas talk to and sometimes even sing to their indigo vats. Indigo is a living dye, responding to vibrations. In our Bangkok and Bushwick labs, dyeing sessions are like parties with dope beats for us and the indigo. What is the ph.Lab indigo vat listening to right now?Alex... View Post
  • 20/20 VISION

    2 weeks into 2020 and that 20/20 Vision is clear - back to the lab with razor sharp focus - figure out how the power of plants and nature can be truly harmonious with what we do. At the end of 2019 we started working with a new village of master dyers and artisans. They taught us how to dye bette... View Post

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