Philip Huang


Humans have harnessed the power of plants for millenia, foraging plants with magical healing properties (or the opposite) from the jungles, forests, deserts, and oceans they inhabit. Once upon a time, we all had this power. Worldwide, there are still communities that have ancient knowledge that turns plants into medicine far more potent than anything over the counter. In Isan, plants are still foraged and form a crucial part of well-being. The plant "Ya Nang" or Tiliacora Triandra which is indigeneous to the Northeast of Thailand, Vietnam and Laos is a folk miracle plant. It extracts poison, is an anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory (as well as anti-bacterial and other properties). Modern day science has yet to discover what it is fully capable of.

Our survival balm is made with Ya Nang blended with organic coconut oil, beeswax and other herbs to give it a refreshing smell. The days of insect bite pain is over. Also great for nausea and aches. An all natural survival balm fit for everyone.

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