Philip Huang


Image: Peter Beard, Orphaned Cheetah Cubs, Mweiga, near Nyeri, Kenya, March 1968


The death of Peter Beard today at 82 years old has brought us great sadness. His life and work has been a huge inspiration for us. It was Mr. Beard's art - his photographs, his collages, his writing that introduced to us a wild beauty and his exploration of the wilderness ("wild-deer-ness") of Africa that has kept us dreaming and aware of the fragility of the natural world. It was also his life - at home roaming the savannahs of Africa as much as in the nightclubs of New York City or Paris, with such freedom, wild abandon and passion that inspired us. His devotion to nature and bringing to the forefront messages of how humans, with our relentless strive for development brings destruction to the Earth and the animals that inhabit it with us, the cost of development to Africa in his visionary book End of the Game (1965) and the fragile ecological system through his work had power over us. It was visionary and more relevant and poignant now than ever. We wonder if there will ever be such an artist and man. 
We continue to be inspired.


Image: Peter Beard, I'll Write Whenever I Can, Koobi Fora, Lake Rudolf, Kenya, 1965 

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