This RAW WHITE ISAN WOVEN T-SHIRT is expertly crafted with hand-spun handwoven cotton and artisanally handcrafted in Sakon Nakhon province in the Northeast of Thailand. Its breathable fabric and comfortable fit makes it an ideal everyday garment. Enjoy the traditional craftsmanship and comfort of this timeless classic.

This batch of handcrafted cotton was woven by artisans at Pakkamphu Village in Sakon Nakhon. 

In the the Northeast of Thailand, weaving and dyeing is a way of life, the men farm the rice paddies and the women weave unless it is harvesting season when everyone is out in the fields. The last 2 decades has seen indigo dyeing, cotton and silk weaving evolve beyond a cottage industry. Today, the grandmas have become the teachers of this art that they pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Crew neck with cotton rib, boxy shape with slits on the sides. Artisanal label depicting maker on the inside of the shirt, white piping along every seam. 

Materials: 100% Handwoven Cotton

Care Instructions: Hand-wash - gentle, normal temperature. Low steam or iron. Machine wash on cold setting, hang to dry. Low steam or iron.


  • $ 325.00 USD