Designed to brighten your day, Philip Huang socks are crafted from the highest quality cotton and traditionally hand-dyed with plant-based and mineral dyes by artisans: the Indigo Grandmas of Sakon Nakhon. The sustainable dyes are 100% chemical compound-free, ranging from natural Sakon Nakhon Indigo, Mango, rare Ebony Berries native to South East Asia, and Pradu (Rosewood tree bark). 

Our Solids Pack of Five features a pair of each of our classic cotton socks; Mango, Moss, Slate Grey, Indigo, and Pradu.

Wear them all day every day while lounging at home, exercising, or showing them off outside, these socks are designed to suit every occasion.

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About Dune

Dune is a rare earth mineral mud dye. The weight of the dye is generally heavier than other dyes and pulls the fabric during the drying process. It will return to its natural state after a couple of washes.

About Indigo

Sakon Nakhon indigo is naturally anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial, and provides a cooling effect through UV protection. It is a living and breathing dye. 

About Mango

The Mango dye comprises boiled bark and leaves from the Mango tree  (Mangifera indica). This process releases a rich yellow color.

About Pradu

Our Signature nuanced orange color comes from the local tree, Thai people call this tree 'Pradu' (Pterocarpus macrocarpus). The color is brought to life by slicing the rosewood bark and soaking them in water overnight. The process draws out a reddish pink that will darken over time to a reddish brown shade.

Size: Male sizes US 5-12. Female sizes US 6-13.


  • 100% chemical-free plant and mineral-based natural dyes
  • Outside yarn: 100% cotton, inside yarn: natural rubber/nylon/spandex
  • Chemical-free dyeing processes 

Care InstructionsMachine wash on a cold setting, then tumble dry low.

  • $ 100.00 USD