The Isan Dreams Indigo Tie-dye Indigo Bamboo Fleece Blanket is dividually hand-dyed by the Indigo Grandmas of Sakon Nakhon and hand-stitched by the ladies of the Fatima Self-Help Center in Bangkok, a center for women from disadvantaged families and urban refugees, providing additional sustained income to these communities.

Made from Bamboo fleece, an extremely soft and stretchy fabric. It is naturally antibacterial and provides a cooling effect. So comfortable and ideal for indoors and outdoors, for protection, or simply lounging.

Hand tie-dyed in natural Sakon Nakhon Indigo. Hand-stiched with ISAN DREAMS, our visions of dreams and possibility for the future rooting in the land. With the finishing touch of Overcast Stitch finishing edge by using Handspun Sakon Nakhon thread.

Available in Camo Indigo Tie-Dye, Pradu Indigo Tie-Dye, and Mango Moss Tie-Dye.


Isan Dreams - a dichotomy for it speaks of development routing in our pastoral past of going home to the land rather than dreams of a bright shiny future. It represents the possibility for change: a vision of the future rooted in the land yet embracing what is yet to come. It represents our journey to Isan, the family of Indigo Grandmas, and the artisans we've met. It represents a vision for the future from the past and envisions harmony between nature and technology.

About Indigo

Sakon Nakhon indigo is naturally anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial, and provides a cooling effect through UV protection. It is a living and breathing dye. 

Size: 92x61 in / 235x155 cm

Material: 100% Bamboo fleece

  • $ 460.00 USD