Light and breezy and ideal as a second skin, the Freddie Ribbed Tank Top is made with a sustainably sourced ribbed bamboo jersey. Bamboo fabric is known for being ultra-soft and highly breathable, and a unique quality of being naturally anti-bacterial.

The Freddie can be worn oversized and drapey, or tight and fitted. The natural stretch from the rib knit and the small addition of spandex means that the tank top will move with you. The Tank Top also has Coconut Trees embroidery on the left of the tank top, hand-embroidered at the Fatima Centre in Bangkok. 

Handmade from sustainably sourced Bamboo in Thailand, that is pesticide, herbicide, and GMO-free. No bleach or whitening agents were applied. Hand-dyed in natural mud-dye in Sakon Nakhon for the color Dune.

About Dune

Dune is a rare earth mineral mud dye. The weight of the dye is generally heavier than other dyes and pulls the fabric during the drying process. It will return to its natural state after a couple of washes.

Composition: 98% Bamboo. 2% Spandex. Mineral dye: Red Earth mud dye.

Care Instructions: Hand-wash in cold water. Machine wash on delicate and cold settings in a clothing net. Do not tumble dry. Lay flat to dry. Iron on low. Please note that the natural elasticity of the bamboo ribbed fabric means that the tank top will stretch slightly. It will shrink back after a wash. 

  • $ 140.00 USD