Dune Dove Linen Trousers are hand-tailored with 100% linen and hand-dyed in natural mud dye. Each pair are made-to-order with a customized size. 

The Trousers have front double pleats, creating subtle draping and volume contrasted with minimally tapered legs. Top pockets on two sides, welt pockets on the back, belt loops on the waistband with a single seashell button on the outside, and an inner hook with a second seashell button on the inside to ensure that the waistband fits securely and appears flattering.

Then, the meticulously tailored waistband includes functional grip tape on the sides to ensure that a tucked shirt does not come loose. The waistband is then completed with contrast piping along the edge. 

For Dune, each linen panel is dyed by hand in natural mud dye. To attain the shade and evenness of the color, the panels are dipped into the mud and then dried in the sun. This process is repeated four times until the desired shade is attained before the panels are washed and dried. 

About Dune

Dune is a rare earth mineral mud dye. The weight of the dye is generally heavier than other dyes and pulls the fabric during the drying process. It will return to its natural state after a couple of washes.


Please let us know your waist, hip, and leg length measurements.

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Your trousers will be ready 3-4 weeks after you send your measurements and finalize the purchase. 

  • $ 780.00 USD