As a part of our SS22 Camouflage Moss collection, we are introducing the brontosaurus and banana tree embroidery on the Camo Moss FIsherman Trousers. Fisherman Trousers are a dream wear for functionality and comfort. For years, the trousers have been worn by fishermen especially.

Our Fisherman Trousers feature a tapered leg design with slits for easy wearing and 3M Reflective piping strips for extra nighttime visibility. With a wider waist, the trousers are one size fits all with an adjustable waistband. Crafted from 100% cotton, hand-dyed natural Sakon Nakhon Indigo and Mango dye, the trousers also boast a handy pocket on the right thigh for phones and cards. With the intricate hand embroidery on the pockets and ties, the Fisherman trousers accentuate both functionality and identity.

The Fisherman Trousers can be worn in many ways. Our Favorite way is to hold the trousers out in front of you and fold it across, tie them at the front, then fold the flap over or leave the flap up. Can be worn high on the waist or the hips.

Available in Indigo Tie-dye, Camo Moss, and Dune.

About Indigo
Sakon Nakhon indigo is naturally anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial, and provides a cooling effect through UV protection. It is a living and breathing dye. These trousers will become your love-worn favorite if you treat them well. As with anything living, it will fade with time, aging gracefully.

About Mango
Mango, or Mangifera Indica, thrives in tropical areas, especially in heavy-rainfall areas, such as Southeast Asia. Apart from its culinary significance in Thailand, Mango releases a dye when its leaves and barks are boiled; exposing a rich yellow color that we use in our yarns and garments.

Composition: 100% Cotton. Plant-based dyes: natural Sakon Nakhon Indigo and Mango dyes.

  • $ 255.00 USD