In 2014, after 10 years of experience in the fashion industry - Philip Huang wanted to create something of his own, a collection of essentials that he could travel with that could exist anywhere - from city to beach and back.  It is no surprise that in launching his own line, he does so with swimming trunks, a collaboration with TIMO trunks after he realised that his own pair of TIMO trunks were indispensable to his suitcase.
Philip Huang for TIMO is the beginning of a whole new adventure for Philip with more to come.
An Endless Summer at Rockaway Beach, July 2014
Photography by Bibi Cornejo-Borthwick
Styled by Susan Bender
with Philip Huang and Ian Jones. 
In loving memory of Ian Jones. 
Alt= "Philip Huang and Ian Jones at Rockaway Beach in front of Taco Stand"