Philip Huang has been selected as a 2020 finalist of Lane Crawford's Global Creative Call Out! Hidden behind every exquisite garment, emotive photograph or finely crafted artwork lies the story of the maker, and the Global Creative Call Out serves as a platform to amplify those stories, seeding the imagination of the next generation through the spirit of community, proficiency, knowledge sharing and creativity. The platform has helped launch over 70 young labels and brands with creative call outs in LA, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Sydney.


The last 5 years has been a crazy journey for us in building our dream. The dream is about finding an alternative to the way we live and building a community that believes in the same. A community that includes artisans and makers from Isan, artists, activists, chefs and other designers. These ideas manifest themselves in the clothing we make. Through our collections we are able to share and make accessible, knowledge that is passed on to keepers of this knowledge. Passed on for generations, drawn from the land, skills that take years, processes refined over time.


Through exchange, we are able to grow and learn. Through learning we realise that there is not just a single way of doing things and we do not need to conform to the norm of development and beauty we are taught to believe in. It is not the easy road we take as that one has shown its fatal flaws. There can be no future with depletion of resources and exploitation, lack of transparency, nor acceptance of difference. We need to find alternatives, then pursue them together. The future is what we make it. We hope we can continue to share and learn one collection, one workshop, one film, one Isan dinner at a time. Now, please VOTE for us so we can spread our mission!