AW18 is inspired by the physical and metaphorical notions of space.
Bound for: 1) Space and beyond. 2) Space where urban connectivity and rural serenity co-exist.

Inspired by the infinite possibilities that merging age-old artisanal knowledge with the innovations in technology that enhances our lives .
We are bound for space both physically, as we reach to the stars and look to Mars as another habitable planet, and metaphorically, as we seek to find a space in which we can occupy that no longer dictates deriving happiness from urban-living and mass- consumption.
A new space that is the synthesis of rural pastoral living, the slow life and our fast and hyper-connected city lives. That space is one of convergence; of bringing together old and new, handmade and robotic, to breath new life into old values and stories.

Photography by Piyatat Hemmatat
Styled by Shun Watanabe