Philip Huang


Into the third week of COVID-19 quarantine in Bangkok, we find ourselves having time on our hands. Time always seemed like a luxury in a world that spun so fast. Today, at home, we have time to spend with our family, experiment in our lab, write more, read more, watch more films, listen to more music, have long phone (more like House Party and FaceTime) conversations with friends all over the world, and even start up new hobbies (cooking seems to be the main thing). Despite social distancing, we seem closer than ever in that we are at home together with technology connecting us, invisible waves keeping the connectivity and information flowing. What this means is that despite being at home, we can still make things and share! 

Circumstances have a way of either slowing down or jump-speeding reality-making, i.e. realising our dreams. The last four years we embarked upon a journey of discovery in Isan all the whilst dreaming of what the world we could build would look like. It always had learning, collaboration and sharing at its core - Sakon Nakhon Indigo was the starting point. Along the way we also stumbled upon other traditional knowledge and techniques that we love and part of our mission is to explore and include these in what we do, that's next. Learning from the past, looking to the future and merging it with current innovations to make clothes fit for the demands of our lives today (we're currently focused on protection), all the whilst bringing stories from our community and culture to the forefront is our mission and this is clearer than ever. 

Normally, we would be getting ready for Thai New Year's and taking a long break but this was cancelled by the government. Our Indigo Grandmas in the countryside though are taking a much needed break from weaving and farming (as is customary for the annual holiday) so all the action right now is in our lab in Bangkok. That's why we thought it is the right to time share our trailer that sums up what we've done in pH.lab so far and 6 episodes are up on IGTV. We hope you like it as much as we love making them.


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