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The Indigo Grandmas of Sakon Nakhon are the grandmas and aunties we met during our journey to Isan (Northeast of Thailand). They pass on the knowledge of indigo. Today, it is not only the grandmas who dye and weave indigo textiles but a whole new generation of dyers who believe in preserving this ancient craft.

In Sakon Nakhon, like much of Isan, the men farm the rice paddies and the women weave, unless it is harvesting season when everyone is out in the fields. The last 2 decades has seen indigo dyeing, cotton and silk weaving evolve beyond a cottage industry, today, the grandmas also function as the guardians of this art, they pass on, they teach and what we have discovered is that it is an exchange, as they teach us, the conversation also looks to exploring new methods and new ways to embark upon the indigo journey. 

Hand-woven Sakon Nakhon indigo dyed cotton is now protected as a Geographical Indication and there are many stories to tell. We've since been introduced to an indigo family that includes first generation dyer Mann who helped us to start our first vat, himself being the creator of a spectrums of 56 shades of indigo. 

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