*New Arrival*

The Crumpled Paper Ceramic Cup is hand-crafted by Wanriya Pengswang a ceramicist from Don Moo Din District in Sakon Nakhon. Each cup is one-of-a-kind, and made with local Don Moo Din clay from and hand-glazed with a variety of different natural materials from crushed cockle shells, to woods and feldspar to indigo each creating a different color glaze. The cups are then fired in her traditional outdoor kiln. 

100% Natural Don Moo Din Clay 

Approx dimensions for each cup will differ are around 3 inches in height x 5 inches in width. 

Hand-crafted in Sakon Nakhon 

Each cup is unique due to the nature of the the hand-craft process and Wanriya's signature way of sculpting the cups. The concept of the crumpled cup remains the same but the way the glaze appears and the shape will differ from one cup to the other. Please choose your glaze color below and we will select the cups for you. 

Ships 2 weeks from placing order. 

  • $ 60.00 USD