Philip Huang


Here we are, approaching the end of September, time feels like it played a trick on us and the only indication of real change is that the weather is changing. It is still raining daily here in Bangkok but we notice that everywhere else, autumn has arrived. In Isan the deep orange sunsets of the "winter" months are upon us. We think of autumnal orange skies as the air gets heavier, but in recent weeks images of orange skies recalls the Californian skies as the forests burnt. Wildfires are natural but today they are more extreme than before, and it is becoming clearer that our climate is changing as a result of our behaviour. We need protection, nature can provide that if we know where to look and also know that we must find a way to live in harmony with her.  Otherwise we will keep asking ourselves, what of tomorrow?

We need alternatives to what we consume and how we create - practices and processes that are lower impact, kinder both to the Earth and to our own health. As a fashion and lifestyle brand, being in this space comes with its challenges - there is the normal way of production which is often a race to the bottom where the cheapest alternative, not always the best alternative, wins. What if it didn't have to be like this? And "stuff" actually embraced practices which are aware of the disadvantages of mass production, utilises ancient artisanal knowledge, draws from sustainable natural resources, produces in small batches, and minimises waste by upcycling. Sometimes we think it sounds too good to be true but when we take a step back and examine what we can do, we realise it is not, it is simply a different way of doing things, not linear but circular - requiring work and collaboration. Then finding a way to make this work accessible to more people so that natural dyes, handmade textiles becomes more of a norm, less of an exception. We believe that with everything that has gone on, the roller coaster ride that is 2020, there is a silver lining at the end where we come to terms with the fact that we have to do things differently. We are convinced more than ever that natural alternatives though take time, are worth the investment and they can sit seamlessly in our lives. 

With all of this in mind, we are honoured to have made it to the finals of the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out, an annual award by the retailer Lane Crawford which gives a platform to creatives - the focus is on the Makers Movement this year. It is an opportunity to share more broadly our mission and the work that we do with our collaborators, the artisans of the Northeast of Thailand, particularly the Indigo Grandmas. This year, the public can vote too.  Please help to vote for us so we can broaden our mission and platform and bring what we do closer to more people. Thank you! 

The weather changes, but our mission for the brand and in our lives remains the same -  to find the other visionknowing that an alternative and hope exist
- Chomwan and Philip 

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