Philip Huang


Four years ago, we made our first road trip to Isan, in the Northeast of Thailand to a province called Sakon Nakhon and met our Indigo family - our Indigo Grandmas who taught us the living art of indigo-dyeing.

Indigofera Tinctoria grows in abundance in Isan and it is from the leaves of this ancient plant that the brilliant blue dye we call "Indigo" is derived from. The leaves go through a fermentation process that requires the perfect balance of alkaline and acidity drawn from nature such as clay, tamarind and moonshine (our vat prefers tequila) that turns the leaves and paste into a dye that has been used for centuries.

Last week we did an indigo workshop in the south of Thailand. From that, ph.Lab was born, an experimental forum, a nomadic indigo caravan and extension of a concept we tested last year at Summit DTLA called Blue of the Sky. It looked at indigo as a source of value and a transformative force, making old, new again and protecting us from the sun. From the farmers of se asia, to the blue men of the sahara indigo is a consistent companion. To us, it is a crucial part of our world, and the start of our journey. We hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with us.

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