The Oasis print is the first of our imaginary prints inspired by the oasis of our dreams. Embedded in the print are fragments of our memories from Cloud 9 at Siargao Island, the wallpaper in Brian de Palma's Scarface, Prince, Jodorowsky's Dune, and more, these elements coming together in a collage.

Our Cal Silk Shorts are inspired by retro football shorts, with our reinterpretation in silk. The shorts have a drawstring elastic waistband, side pockets within inner compartments, and a back pocket. 

The Moonless Oasis Cal Silk Shorts are digitally printed with non-toxic environmental standards-compliant water-based. The printed silk panels are then hand-dyed in natural indigo and then a dye made from ebony berries, this process is repeated 4 times to create an almost black color we call Moonless.  Handmade with 100% sustainably sourced organic silk.

About Moonless

Hand-dyed firstly in natural Sakon Nakhon Indigo, then overdyed in ebony berries (Dyospiros Mollis) and indigo to create a color we call Moonless, like the almost-black of night resembling the night sky falling upon our Oasis landscape.

Materials: 100% Silk.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Recommended. Hand wash cold, and hang to dry. Iron on low. 

  • 12,266.00 ฿