Collection 0 #isandreams signifies the beginning of  the journey.  After nearly 2 years of travelling to Sakon Nakhon and working with the Indigo Grandmas we discovered that there is more, as time passed like a dream, we realised that  collaboration with the Indigo Grandmas also meant experimentation which includes deconstruction and creation.

"Collection 0" is a Capsule Collection that contains the results of these experiments, versatile pieces that can travel anywhere that takes a little of the old and merges it with the new. Like in dreams where different dimension collide; the clothes too can transform are transitional and can exist anywhere. 

*the only text visible on the awning says New York in Thai, this is the shopfront that sells winter clothes in Sakhon Nakhon City across from the hotel that Philip calls home when visiting the Indigo Grandmas.

COLLECTION 0 was first presented on a rainy night in January 2017 in Chinatown, NYC.