Like all our collections, Depth of the Sea is a continuation of the seasons before, the collections functioning like chapters of a book, each building upon the last, re-examining silhouettes and processes from a different point of view. From looking up at the sky, we look to the sea and how the sky and the entire world is reflected upon it. It is however, much more than just the reflection, but it is the depth of the sea and world below the surface that in- spires us. The songs that resonate at the bottom of the ocean, the vibrations containing memories and histories untold of life and creatures we do not know. The eco-system that exists underneath the surface, whether they are the coral reefs, the rainforests of the seas; or sea life, large and small, they are part of an eco-system that is all connected. Symbiosis enabling the exis- tence of life as we know it and this relationship most inherent in coral. Their existence, their form, their colors, their survival has inspired our journey and led us to understand that with the ongoing climate crisis, the seas, the reefs and marine life, are continually at risk with rising sea water temperature that leads to coral bleaching and eventual death. Our journey started with merely admiring the beauty of the seas but it led us to understand the ongoing demise of the marine eco-system as a whole. This collection explores the colors of sea life, of coral in its living glory and of coral as it glows during its fight to survive.

The sea is all of us and water is life.