*Limited Edition*

Introducing pH.Lab merchandise, created in all white, the pH.Lab range is designed to be dyed by you. Check out our Indigo Dye Kits and pH.Lab Tutorials to see how you can turn your organic white hoodie into an indigo dyed one, or let us know how you want your hoodie customised with our unique natural dye color palette.

The embroidery is made by hand by the Fatima Centre using nylon thread, the nylon will not take to the natural dye in the same way as the body of the hoodie, this will leave the embroidered logo visible after dyeing. 

Bamboo Fleece
70% Bamboo/30% Cotton 

100% Nylon Thread Embroidery 

Made in Thailand 

Shipping November 10th 2021

  • $ 385.00 USD