Double protection for those windy days and also for the compulsory face mask situation globally. This is a very useful bundle, and extremely comfy and versatile too. 

The bundle includes

1 x Balaclava
Our balaclava is made with 100% cotton double gauze and hand-dyed in natural indigo. It goes over the head and has an adjustable strap for the part that goes around the face and this can be adjusted for comfort and fit. The gauze material makes it breathable and extremely comfortable. 

1 x 100% Organic Cotton Tie-dye Indigo Mask with Adjustable Strap.

The mask is made with upcycled 100% organic cotton jersey scraps from our t-shirt production, it is then hand-dyed by our Indigo Grandmas in natural indigo. Indigo is anti-bacterial. Slits in the back to put in a surgical mask for extra protection. 

1 x Card

Made in Thailand. 

Non-bundle price is $98, save $10 on the bundle. 

  • $ 88.00 USD