pH.Lab Coconut Laundry Soap Flakes

Introducing 100% Natural Laundry Soap Flakes made from 100% Natural Organic Cold-pressed Coconut Oil. The Soap Flakes are gentle for the skin and all your garments, especially suitable for garments dyed with natural dyes. Also safe for delicates and children's garments.

The flakes are effective for cleaning with by mixing the coconut oil solids with NaOH or sodium hydroxide, a common household cleaning ingredient which creates the saponification process necessary to make soap. The Lye is in fact used up in the saponification process which turns the coconut oil into soap, making the soap free from it thus our Laundry Flakes are natural and chemical free. 

100% Natural Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut Oil 
with the addition of NaOH in the process

Instructions for use:
Soak 1/2 cup of Soap Flakes in water for each small load of laundry. Wait till the flakes dissolve, wash clothes as normal. Make sure to rinse after wash. For washing machine, use 1 cup of Soap Flakes per load. 

Made in Thailand 

Shipping on November 10th 


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