Every item is uniquely and individually crafted.

100% artisanal cotton, hand-spun and handwoven by Indigo Grandmas in a village in Sakon Nakhon in the Northeast of Thailand.

Like much of the Northeast of Thailand, the men farm the rice paddies and the women weave unless it is harvesting season when everyone is out in the fields. The last 2 decades has seen indigo dyeing, cotton and silk weaving evolve beyond a cottage industry. Today, the grandmas also function as the guardians of this art, they pass on, they teach, and conversations also look to exploring new methods.

Hand-woven Sakon Nakhon indigo dyed cotton is now protected as a Geographical Indication.

Dark Indigo cotton yarn is hand-dyed with 100% Natural Indigo Dye from Sakon Nakhon province. This keeps a consistency throughout the sweater as the yarn that is then woven is an even shade of dark indigo.

Fuchsia pink zipper on back of collar. Indigo ribbed detail.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash on cold setting, lay flat to dry. Iron on low. 

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Made in Thailand

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