Fresh from pH.lab -- we made a super small batch of our brand new Moonless x Rust Tie-Dyed Ribbed Crew T-shirts!

100% Organic Cotton. Hand-dyed with 100% Natural dyes - Moonless from Ebony Berries AND natural indigo + Rust from oxidized iron. Light-weight, super soft ribbed crew neck T-shirt. Made in Thailand with love.

Moonless is a brand new FW20 color made from a first layer of natural indigo dye then dipped into a dye made from ebony berries (Dyospiros Mollis), a rare plant native to South East Asia. The plant is seasonal and fresh ebony berries are available once a year for only a few months. 

The Rust color is made from a natural dye derived from rusty metal parts - the rusted metal is heated then soaked in a vat with molasses for at least 1 week. When ready to use, the rusty dye is heated so as to get rid of the rust odor.

Care Instructions: Machine wash on cold setting, tumble dry low or hang to dry. Iron on low. Our cotton fabric has been pre-shrunk so no shrinkage is expected however some stretching may occur in the dyeing process, it will return to its original shape after washing.

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  • $ 130.00 USD