Every item is uniquely and individually crafted. 100% artisanal cotton, hand-spun and handwoven by Indigo Grandmas  in Sakon Nakhon in the Northeast of Thailand.

In the the Northeast of Thailand, weaving and dyeing is a way of life, the men farm the rice paddies and the women weave unless it is harvesting season when everyone is out in the fields. The last 2 decades has seen indigo dyeing, cotton and silk weaving evolve beyond a cottage industry. Today, the grandmas have become the teachers of this art that they pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Dark Indigo cotton yarn is hand-dyed with 100% Natural Indigo Dye from Sakon Nakhon province. This keeps a consistency throughout the trousers as the yarn that is then woven is an even shade.

Materials: 100% Handwoven Cotton; Cotton drawstring with skull detail.

Care Instructions: Hand-wash - gentle, normal temperature. Low steam or iron. Machine wash on cold setting, hang to dry. Low steam or iron.


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